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The world is changing. The exponential acceleration of technology requires all new skill sets. Currently, the technology gap is ever increasing, which means many students graduating and starting their careers don't have the necessary skills to be proficient in business environments. The question to be asked is whether the current traditional teaching methods and environments are suited to the task of teaching these skills.



i3-Group knows better than anyone that learning and interacting are essential building blocks of a rapidly evolving modern society. That is why we are continuously exploring the possibilities and aspirations for tomorrow’s learning and meeting environments, and proactively tuning our product offering accordingly, with smart and future-proof physical and digital building blocks. So we can guarantee our clients an up-to-date array of solutions for creating the optimal learning and meeting environment, ideally suited to their current needs and future ambitions.



Based on our elaborate expertise (1) in defining the needs and opportunities for today’s learning and meeting environments, i3-Group can perfectly gear physical and digital tools (2) towards organizations’ ergonomic (3) and interaction requirements, in order to provide our customers with integrated; custom-made solutions, which are furthermore affordable (4), attainable and future-proof (5).

(1)  Close to 50 years of experience in looking for the best products and technologies, and in exploring how to implement these with our customers.
(2)  Ergonomics, ranging from kindergarten furniture to chairs for an auditorium, can stimulate a healthier and more pleasant working and learning environment.
(3)  The ideal working and learning environment will always consist of a combination of physical and digital tools. i3-Group can assist you in assembling the perfect mix.
(4)  We are always looking for the ideal price-quality ratio, in order to bring new solutions within everyone’s reach.
(5)  A transition towards the ideal working and learning environment is hardly ever a one-step process. And meanwhile new technology appears which can help you even further.
i3-Group aims to help our customers to take the best next step, based on their existing environment, the available technology and their budget.



Using a sales model that combines solutions and separate technology sales, i3-Group aims to stay in touch with our customers’ expectations and objectives, while allowing our partners to fully realize their added value towards their customers.