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In the i3-Solutions division, we regard our mission as completed when we can contribute to Learning environments that are 100% ready for teaching inspiring lessons thanks to the integration of the latest interactive technologies. Our furniture and visual communication products are perfect for this: it is comfortable, multifunctional in use, maintenance-friendly and easily individually adjustable. Nothing stands in the way of inspiring exchange of knowledge!

Product groups in the i3-Solutions division:  VCP & FURNITURE.



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i3-Technologies is a global technologie brand. Every day we gain new impressions about the accelerators behind the shift that is happening in learning and meeting environments. This shift influences the way we at i3-Technologies think about furniture and technology. And ultimately it drives change and innovation in our designs and the way we envision our interactive, integrated and inspiring solutions.

Our mission is to provide every learning and meeting environment in the world with affordable, easy acces to inspiring ways of working by means of integrated solutions that foster interaction. These solutions may consist of hard- and software technology products that integrate perfectly with classic visual communication products and accessories that aid the environment's users in presenting and collaborating effectively.

Hence the brand name i3 (iii): interactive, integrate, inspiring. We have solutions for both learning and meeting environments.



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