i3Q-BIX narrowcasting

Q-BiX product overview

i3Q-BIX 2.0
Software update

Your trusted Q BiX player, with an even better Designer software!
Packed with new features and updates. i3Q-BIX  digital signage provides a targeted, fast communication solution with impact. Use the graphic i3Q-BIX designer software to inform your target audience by easily displaying visually appealing messages on a large format LCD display.

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Interactivity with LCD/LED touch displays

Interactivity with LCD/LED touch displays

Get more out of teaching with interactive touch displays!

i3 Touch

The optical touch technology operates at the touch of a finger or pen and the screen reacts instantly. The affordable i3TOUCH integrated LCD-solution delivers crisp, high-definition images and makes interacting with your files an intuitive experience.

World class visual communication in modern learning enviroments

World class visual communication in modern learning environments


i3MOMENTUM is a new wall-based rail system that accommodates up to 3 levels of display surfaces to support a variety of teaching and learning styles.

i3MOMENTUM not only stands out because of its flexibility but also by its design. The functional design is transformed into an architectural element by offering a breadth of surface materials and customizable components.

Design in the classroom


Interactive floor projection

An interactive floor projection which stimulates media literacy with children

at an early age!

Interactivity in the modern learning environment:i3LIGHTHOUSE inspires, encourages and motivates children to collaborate in groups.

Mobile interactivity that transforms your learning environment.
With i3LIGHTHOUSE you convert any room into an interactive learning environment in a flash. i3LIGHTHOUSE innovates by offering flexible interactive technologies in areas without fixed infrastructure. i3LIGHTHOUSE is a plug and play product that doesn't require installation is needed. It is a user-friendly concept and thus suitable for children from very young age.

The floor projection creates this different, enjoyable climate.Using i3LIGHTHOUSE encourages a different and less hierarchical educational climate. The teacher sits amidst the children while they play with one of the applications on i3LIGHTHOUSE.

interactivity learning environment


interactive learning envrionment Lighthouse

Learning through play
i3LIGHTHOUSE can be implemented for classes and users that to this day do not make use of he benefits of interactive projection systems. Think of a physical education teacher that can now explain and demonstrate the rules of a sport or game interactively in the gym class. Even outdoor applications are conceivable.

<p< Goes where you go
Because of the mobility and its compactness, i3LIGHTHOUSE is easy transportable from one room to another and therefore also easy to store. The "bull bar" ensures that transportation and use can be done without damages. i3LIGHTHOUSE is designed so that the integrated technology is easily accessible.

With its simple design and quality finish, this modern furniture fits in any interior.

kindergarten interactive

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i3™ solutions: affordable ICT for your school

Category-defining and innovative i3™ solutions bring inspiring ways of working and collaboration within reach of schools and companies

Onnaing, France, 15 September 2013 – i3™ Interactive Technologies announced the official launch of its full suite of interactive hard- and software solutions for learning, collaboration and communication. i3™ is a medium sized player in a sector until recently dominated by large multinational technology manufacturers. i3™ will have production facilities and sales offices in Scandinavia, Germany, France and the USA. The West-European aspect and the SMB character of its activities allow i3™ to intensively collaborate with its local markets and tailor their solution offering to local needs. i3™ is represented globally through a network of authorized distributors and resellers.

logo i3

Gert Van Erum, CEO: "The origin of the i3™ brand name lies in our vision and mission: our goal is to provide collaboration and communication environments with affordable and easy access to inspiring ways of working and learning. For example: equip classrooms and meeting rooms with integrated technology solutions that foster interaction. These solutions consist of hard- and software products integrated with clever accessories that aid all the environments' users in learning and collaborating effectively, regardless of age, technological savviness or physical ability. Hence i3™ (iii): interactive, integrated, inspiring."
In short, i3™ stands for a family of interactive and audiovisual products and their accessories aiming to help the user to present and collaborate effectively. /

Backed by the financially sound VANERUM Group that has over 20 years of experience in distributing innovative audiovisual and interactive solutions, i3™ is able to immediately launch a mature, well rounded and innovative portfolio.
Products such as the patented, award winning i3LIGHTHOUSE and i3SWEEZZ each define a new product category while i3BOARD takes up the gauntlet in the crowded Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) category by proposing a full-featured product at a competitive price point.

With sales starting in the high season, i3™ is expected to quickly gain traction in the marketplace for audiovisual and interactive technology solutions.

For more information, visit www.i3-learning.com

Adaptive education with the i3SWEEZZ system


Adaptive education with the i3SWEEZZ system !

i3SWEEZZ: Pull, turn and teach...

Sweezz system For Interactive whiteboard with projector, whiteboard with interactive projector or LCD touch display
Move the board up, down, left and right. Thanks to the i3SWEEZZ system you can divide the class into several groups. The board can be sweezzed towards the instruction group for specific explanations and collaboration. The longrun electrical height adjustment allows teachers to use the entire board - smaller children can also work on the board.