VANERUM Strikes Gold award and Innovation award at NEOCON 2012!


The Best of NeoCon awards – held during NeoCon® World's Trade Fair at Chicago's Merchandise Mart – are the highest honor for commercial furnishings manufacturers.

Grand Rapids, MI USA,11/6/2012 - The annual Best of NeoCon® Awards – presented each year during NeoCon® World's Trade Fair at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago– recognize the most innovative new designs for commercial furnishings and are considered the highest honor commercial furnishings manufacturers can receive. The 2012 edition of this annual awards competition received more than 400 entries in various product categories, and recognized the best new products displayed at NeoCon 2012.

At NeoCon 2012, VANERUM presents eight brand new products in its i3 product range, under the motto "i3 In Action". The new products are designed with the needs of K-12, Higher Ed and lifelong learning in mind.

I3 stands for integrated learning and meeting solutions that foster communication between participants and interaction with various technology devices, and inspire among others by their ease of use, comfort, design, colours,…

I3 products are fresh, durable and innovative designs with a strong emphasis on ergonomics and compatibility with today's and tomorrow's audiovisual and interactive technologies.

The NeoCon jury recognized these features in the VANERUM i3 Board and the VANERUM Lighthouse products and awarded them with the Gold Award and Innovation Award respectively in the category Education Solutions.

Inno award neocon

(Image: Lighthouse)

i3 Board is an all-in-one interactive whiteboard solution for your digital learning environment, based on a patented height adjustable and pivoting swing wall mount that brings interactivity and differentiated or collaborative learning within reach in any classroom.

Lighthouse is a mobile interactive floor projection unit that converts any room into an interactive learning environment in a flash. It innovates by offering flexible interactive technologies in areas without fixed infrastructure.

Lighthouse is a plug-and-play product that requires no installation. It is a user-friendly concept and thus suitable for children from very young age.

Gold award neocon

(Image: i3 Board)

New innovations for your learning environment at Neocon 2012!

VANERUM's innovations for your learning environment!
From June 11 to 13, at the NeoCon fair in Chicago, we will present a number of new products that can transform your learning environment. For more information, come visit us in our showroom.

Click the tabs to learn more about our new products:

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Lighthouse i3Touchscreen Sweezz i3Board

School Furniture

Pebble desk Cruzer Opti+ Sit Cabinets
Opti+ "One For All" Cruzer Opti+ Sit Cabinets

Wall Zone



Interactivity in the modern learning environment

i3LIGHTHOUSE inspires, encourages and motivates children to collaborate in groups.

interactive projector Lighthouse


Mobile interactivity that transforms your learning environment
With i3LIGHTHOUSE you convert any room into an interactive learning environment in a flash. i3LIGHTHOUSE innovates by offering flexible interactive technologies in areas without fixed infrastructure. i3LIGHTHOUSE is a plug-and-play product that requires no installation. It is a user-friendly concept and thus suitable for children from very young age.

The floor projection instantly creates a different, pleasant learning environment. i3LIGHTHOUSE stimulates a different, less hierarchical way of learning and teaching. The teacher sits among the children while they play with one of the applications on i3LIGHTHOUSE.


Playful learning
i3LIGHTHOUSE can be implemented for classes and users that to this day do not make use of he benefits of interactive projection systems. Think of a physical education teacher that can now explain and demonstrate the rules of a sport or game interactively in the gym class. Even outdoor applications are conceivable.

Use it anywhere
Thanks to the built-in mobility and compact size, i3LIGHTHOUSE is easily moved from one room to another and therefore easy to store. The "bull bar" protects the product from damage during transport and use. i3LIGHTHOUSE is designed so that the integrated technology is easily accessible.

With its simple design and quality finish, this modern furniture fits in any interior.


{tab= i3Touch}

Interactivity with the LCD touch

Get more out of your lessons with interactive touch displays!


i3 Touch

The optical touch technology uses finger or pen and provides fast response on the screen. With i3TOUCH as integrated LCD solution, you get an intuitive experience with razor-sharp, high-definition images.

LCD-Touchscreen   SMARTBoard met NEC U250X projector

With the i3TOUCH displays VANERUM offers you an alternative solution to the interactive whiteboard and the necessary peripherals. The all in one displays make use of the Optical Sensing Technology. This technique ensures that the reponse is extremely accurate and fast - perfect for schools and classrooms!

{tab= i3SWEEZZ}

Adaptive education with the i3SWEEZZ system!

i3SWEEZZ: teaching the way you want to .....


i3SWEEZZ system for interactive whiteboard with projector, interactive whiteboard with projector or LCD touchscreen
Move the interactive whiteboard up, down, left and right. Thanks to the i3SWEEZZ system you can divide the class into several groups. The board can be i3SWEEZZed towards the instruction group for specific explanations and collaboration. The large electric height adjustment allows the teacher to use the entire board and even small children to work at the board.

Sweezz systeem

Sweezz whiteboard

i3SWEEZZ whiteboard

Sweezz digibord

i3SWEEZZ interactive whiteboard

Sweezz LCD


{tab= i3 Board}

All-in-one interactive whiteboard

for interactive teaching!

i3 Board is an all-in-one interactive whiteboard solution for your digital learning environment

i3 Board is a one-stop solution for advanced interactivity in the classroom. Configure your own modular system based on the adaptive i3SWEEZZ wall mount.

Start with a classic or interactive whiteboard, add either one of the (interactive) projectors offered by us, speakers, an integrated PC or Apple TV.
Streamline the package with integrated cable management, finishing cap or many other finishing accessories.

We will take care of the installation and calibration, so you can dedicate all your time to your students.


Flexible shared media solutions ensure rapid transitions between multiple whole class instruction models, group collaboration and individual learning. Benefit from the convenience of integrated technology and audiovisual accessories of the i3 Board to accomodate different learning styles, for swift sharing of information from various sources and encouraging deep commitment from your students. 


Opti+ One for All.

All for individualized comfort

Pebble schoolbank schoolbanken Pebble desk

Opti + One For All is a height adjustable table system that adapts to users of different body sizes and ages.


Opti + One For All is a height adjustable table system that is suitable for all ages. Besides this enormous logistic advantage this collection also offers an ergonomic solution for users of different body lengths. The number of tables per ergonomic height are determined by the needs of the school at that time. A special edition of the One For All collection is characterized by the amorphous form of the top and the two-tone frame. The great advantage of the shape is the ability to create a random arrangement which still looks good.


This encourages group work and interactivity. The choice of bright colors inspires young people.

The unique and extremely user friendly one-point height adjustment with 2 positioning screws is derived from the patented adjusting system of the Opti + Move footrest.


{tab= Cruzer}

Opti+ Cruzer

Optimal mobility thanks to the Cruzer wheeled chair with writing tablet

Cruzer leerlingentafel leerlingentafels schoolbank

The Opti + Cruzer meets the growing demand for mobile furniture for flexible classrooms and cooperation.
Simplicity and comfort are high on the priority list.
The Cruzer wheeled chair with swiveling writing tablet offers both.

The Cruzer chair concept with writing tablet and its mobile and comfortable seat shell encourage movement and interaction. Reconfiguring the class for group work is easy with the integrated platform for bags and backpacks. Getting in and out is facilitated by the 20 ° swiveling ergonomic tablet that offers sufficient space for modern and traditional communication. The visual analogy with the other products of the Opti + family gives a uniform look throughout your learning, whether you opt for the mobile, fixed or sit / stand models in the family.

Cruzer desk

With its compact footprint, Cruzer is ideal for cramped classrooms and increases the free space available in the classroom. Integrated wheels stimulate movement and cooperation. Cruzer gives teachers more opportunities to divide their space according to the needs.

TassenhouderStorage platform TassenhouderAnti-topple system

tab= Opti+ Sit}

Opti+ Sit

Opti+ Sit: Ergonomic four-leg chair, ideal for waiting rooms, seminars and learning environments.

Opti+ sit schoolstoel leerlingenstoel

The Opti + Sit feels at home in all conceivable environments.
The four-legged Optiplus chair fits well in many areas. The elegant blowmolded seat shell offers a high degree of comfort. The double curved seat allows good blood circulation. The chair can be easily and neatly arranged in rows. Since the frame can be easily stacked, the Opti + sit is useful when large numbers must be used at times, but are not always needed. The integrated rear grip enables flexible usage.

Optiplus stoel

{tab= Opti+ Cabinets}

Opti+ Cabinets

Teaching, charging devices and storing materials made easy

kast opladen leeraarskast kasten

Whether you want to address a large class from a pulpit, want to organise group collaboration, or use tablet computers
in a 1:1 learning environment, the Opti + family has a wheeled cabinet for you.
User friendly storage solutions have never looked this stunning.

Easy to use
The Opti+ wheeled cabinets have been developed in view of the daily convenience of the user. The cabinet is easily accessible thanks to the 270 ° opening doors using iGlide ® plastic bushings that snap magnetically to the side walls. There is room for integrating technology such as a desktop computer, and a Kensington lock facility allows to protect guest laptops from theft.

Easy to move
Learning is no longer limited to the walls of a classroom. The Opti + cabinet range gives you freedom of movement by the detachable IEC C14 power cord, polyurethane wheels roll smoothly over all floor types, and compact external dimensions fit through each doorway.

Cleverly designed
The Opti + wheeled cabinets are distinguished by their timeless design, consistent with our other products. Security is guaranteed by the auto-stop drawers, topple-proof wide stance, the rounded corners and the certified quality electronic components.

The modularity of the device and the available accessories make it easy to find a solution that exactly fits your needs.

schoolkast kast leeromgeving

{tab= i3MOMENTUM}


Stylish & versatile visual communication platform


i3MOMENTUM is a versatile affordable visual communication platform that adds style, color and unparalleled technology integration to contemporary learning and meeting environments.

i3MOMENTUM was designed from the start with the highest aesthetic requirements in mind. The high quality materials, expert finishing and clever details fill the minimalist design and ensure a high-end image and user experience.



The package is completed by exclusive styling details, such as very small uncoated aluminum edges, whiteboards in black or red ceramic steel, pin- and magnetic boards in brushed aluminum, technology or storage cabinets in a variety of colors and the possibility to hide unwanted elements out of sight with a front panel, ...

Versatility without compromise

Whatever your needs, i3MOMENTUM adapts. Install an interactive whiteboard with projector for seamless interactivity. Add magnetic pinboards, chalk- or whiteboards to display your differentiated content. Rearrange the order of modules as needed, on the same rail or in other zones of your learning environment.

kast leeromgeving

High quality materials and craftmanship
i3MOMENTUM has a smooth and quiet operation thanks to double beared wheels with rubber O-rings on all sliding panels and integrated progressive soft-stop bumpers on all level 2 sliding panels. The latter also provides finger safety.
The ergonomically shaped profiles of the level 1 & 2 modules offer easy grip during the rearrangement, while minimalist aesthetic end profiles hide mechanics from sight, protect against dust and eliminate finger hazards.

De ergonomisch gevormde profielen van de niveau 1 & 2 modules bieden moeiteloos grip tijdens de herschikking, terwijl esthetische minimalistische eindprofielen de mechanica uit het zicht verbergen, beschermen tegen stof en gevaren voor de vingers elimineren.

i3MOMENTUM is simple and effective: only 3 levels bring you to the core - a unique modular system that adds style and performs all the functions you'll ever need in your environment.


Interactive whiteboards: the hub of classroom technology

"The ability to link the instructor and student devices, and to send information back and forth provides a mechanism for introducing active learning into the classroom and creates additional feedback channels." - Richard Anderson. University of Washington. (2008)


It is clear that over the last decade, interactive whiteboards have been - and continue to be - avidly adopted by education systems all over the world. Many schools vainly aspired 1:1 learning environments for years, limited by financial, pedagogical and practical objections. The emergence of interactive whiteboards offered them the chance to make the benefits of e-learning more broadly available to students, during all lessons,
at lower total cost and with a proven pedagogical impact. Interactive whiteboards, one might say, have in fact become the first step in inclusive e-learning for many schools, and the hub for the implementation of other complementary ICT devices.

International research has established that one of the main benefits of interactive whiteboards is that they reduce stress levels for teachers, and give them more freedom to focus on other aspects of the teaching process than the technical delivery of a subject. This, in turn, reinforces the naturally motivating effect that the rich visual platform has on the learners. And finally, added motivation increases learning outcomes even in a very preliminary stage.



"Perhaps the most important development (of the internet) will be the establishment of a funding program for online civic, educational, and cultural material." "The millions of children and adolescents who make up the firstgeneration to grow up with the internet, experience file sharingand downloads as the norm, rather than a novelty. They will have afundamentally different regard on copyright than their parents."  - Youth as E-citizens. Kathryn Montgomery. et al. (2004) Open innovation implies a form of cooperation and information sharing. The world wide web allows for quick and efficient dissemination of information. This will enable many people to assimilate and further develop this information. It ensures a rapid progress. It does not always have to be highly technological information. Even small things are shared. Cooking recipes on a website, games developed for a youth movement, and, why not, lesson plans and activities! When setting up a platform one should very carefully consider what the purpose is and who the people are that will work with it. Building a real social network is not obvious. A well thought out and substantiated concept is a necessity. Learning is becoming social and collaborative learning is becoming the norm. Peer learning implies learning from your friends... Other people have different skills and different interests, so everyone can learn from each other. From Wikipedia and, to more organized forms of online learning, for example, the Open University, the world wide web offers a multitude of virtual learning environments. SOURCE - NWol (New World Of Learning)

Tangible interfaces

"There has been good evidence to support the fact thatthrough touching, manipulating, exploring and testing, children find out and learn about the world around them" - Madhur Khandelwal, Ali Mazalek. (2007)


Interfaces are merely graphical today! A PC is usually operated via a mouse and a keyboard, but these do not operate the PC directly. The mouse controls the PC via a small arrow on your screen. Moving the mouse does not by itself affect the behavior of the computer, it is the (graphic) arrow, its position and function connected with this place that determine the behavior of the computer. This is called a graphical interface.


Ultra portable devices

User Interface Design Must Be Relevant

Devices become more personal, which creates the need for an ultraportable form factor. People expect their phones to be extremely flexible. They want to work in the train, check their emails in the dentist's waiting room, or during a walk in the woods find out what kind of tree they are looking at.